Proven Results for Social Security Appeals

There are many reasons why the Social Security Administration may deny a claim or terminate benefits for Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. Statistically, a majority of first-time applications are denied for both medical and non-medical reasons. Fortunately, the Social Security program offers four levels of appeal to grant claimants an opportunity to achieve a more favorable outcome. Although the process can seem overwhelming, having an experienced law firm on your side can significantly improve the success of a claim or an appeal. At Social Security Disability Attorney, P.L.L.C., we know what to include in an initial application and how to strengthen a case for an appeal. We guide our clients through the process, giving them the best opportunity to obtain benefits.
Some Common Reasons for Denial and Termination of Benefits are:
  • The claimant is above the limit for earned and unearned income and assets
  • The claimant’s medical condition does not meet the federal criteria as disabled or is not expected to last for more than twelve months
  • Social Security has not been able to contact the claimant to communicate or schedule medical appointments
  • The claimant is non-compliant with treatment and therapy orders as prescribed by a physician for a medical condition
  • Non-compliance with releasing medical records and refusing to attend a consultative exam as requested by Social Security

There are Four Levels of Appeal

Following a denial, the claimant can request reconsideration for a medical or non-medical determination. It is a process in which a disability determination specialist that had no part in the initial decision independently reviews the claim.

If the application is denied after reconsideration, the next level of appeal is a hearing before an administrative law judge. Hearings can be in-person or via video conferencing and give the claimant the chance to explain their circumstances to a judge. If this attempt fails and the claimant seeks another level of appeal, they can request an Appeals Council review the case.

The Appeals Council will choose whether to review a case. They may deny, approve or return the claim to the administrative law judge level for further review. The final appeal level requires the claimant to file a civil claim for a federal court review.

Contact a Caring and Professional Social Security Disability Attorney

A denial of a claim is devastating for families dealing with a financial and medical crisis. The Social Security Disability Attorney, P.L.L.C., represents clients nationwide who need assistance with appeals to obtain the benefits they need. We analyze and correct any errors or omissions on the initial application. We compile the most recent versions of medical records and personal information, including supporting documents that will strengthen the claim. The prospect of answering questions for an administrative law judge can be intimidating for claimants. However, we offer pre-hearing preparation for claimants. Hence, the claimant knows what to expect and how to best support the disability claim. At our firm, we know the Social Security laws relevant to our client’s cases. Our law firm will fight to prove your eligibility for benefits.

At Social Security Disability Attorney, P.L.L.C., we offer a free consultation. Our law firm will give you an honest assessment of your claim. We are not paid unless you win an award for benefits. Contact us today for quality legal advocacy at 888-750-9110.