Client Testimonials

At Social Security Disability Attorney, P.L.L.C., we are pleased to share client testimonials about their experiences with our law firm. Client testimonials are an effective method for prospective clients to learn about a law firm’s integrity and professional conduct. It helps them decide if a law firm is right for them. Reading subjective opinions from peers inspires trust and confidence that we are powerful legal advocates for the disabled in securing SSDI and SSI.
Below is a small sample of our testimonials from clients we have represented:

Mr. Ross helped me make sure I had all of my medical records ready and submitted. He helped me prepare for and win my case. Highly recommended

-Deborah Carter-Jeffries


I appreciate your help with my appeal. You’re the best!

-Sarah Wilcox


I had a complex disability issue and the firm couldn’t have been more helpful.

-Lucy Barrington


I was denied for disability and was told by others I have little chance of approval. But, this firm got me approved.

-Jim Ryab


I highly recommend Michael Ross. He’s very thorough and detail oriented. He spends time with you answering any questions you have and goes over everything that needs to be done for your disability case. If you have to leave a message, he promptly calls you back.

– Lori Kaufman


Michael Ross has been an outstanding attorney. He has done alot of work on his end to make sure my case was approved. If you want to have a attorney fight for your case and just be a thorough at what he does definitely make sure you ask for Michael Ross! I cannot say enough positive things about this business but thank you so much!

– Lauren Sierra


Mr. Ross was great to work with, would recommend him. Went above and beyond to discuss my case. I received a favorable outcome.

– Kevin Wiederhoeft